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What To Do When Your iPhone Gets Water-Damaged

Have you recently dropped an iPhone or iPad in the water? Don’t panic! This might seem like a nightmare, but if you act smartly, then you can end up saving your iPhone/iPad without any trouble. Lots of users suffer from iPhone liquid damage now and then.

Don’t turn on your iPhone

This is the most important thing that you should keep in mind if you have dropped your iPhone in water. Chances are that your Apple device would turn off after being damaged by liquid. If your iPhone wet won’t turn on, then don’t panic or try to turn it on manually at this stage. If the water has reached inside the device, then it might cause more damage to your iPhone than good.

Remove its SIM card

After making sure that the phone is turned off, you need to ensure that the water won’t damage the SIM card. The best solution is to take the SIM card out. Additionally, don’t insert the tray back as of now and leave the slot open.

Wipe its exterior

Taking the assistance of tissue papers or cotton cloth, wipe the exterior of the phone. If you are using a case to protect your phone, then get rid of it. Don’t apply too much pressure while wiping the phone to minimize the iPhone liquid damage. Make gentle movements while keeping the phone stationary and moving your hands instead to clean its exterior.

Place it in a dry place

Your next step to resolve the dropped iPhone in the water problem should be to ensure that water won’t damage its interiors. After clearing its exteriors, you need to be extremely careful of every step you take. It is recommended to place the Apple device in a warm and dry place. This would evaporate the water content that is inside the phone.

Let Professionals take care of it

Well trained Fix At Door technicians will diagnose your iPhone to see what parts damaged by water. Next step is cleaning the interior of the phone so water won’t damage another parts. After diagnostic, technician will inform you about repair process and price quote. Fell free to call/text us from +1-213-290 6211. 

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